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Help Paying for Childcare

Child doing craft activityThere are many benefits for both parents and children when looking at childcare.  The Government recognises this and there are options (if eligible) which can help you pay for childcare.  We have outlined some of the options available and the Government supports families though www.childcarechoices.gov.uk where you can search and apply.  

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Childcare can be good for your child. Research has shown that good quality early years education can:

  • Improve your child’s development, for example; their communication skills
  • Making new friends with other 2 year olds
  • Give them access to exciting places to play and new activities
  • Extending their learning opportunities

Childcare is also good for families - it can give you a bit more time to:

  • Spend with your other children
  • Care for a family member
  • Take up a college course
  • Start a new job
  • Pick up more ideas of what to do with your child at home and how you can help them develop and learn or
  • Simply take time for yourself

  Contact Families Information Service for more information

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