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Out of school care includes breakfast clubs, after school clubs and holiday playschemes which are useful childcare options for working parents or parents who are studying. Details of each club/scheme are as follows:

Breakfast Club

These provide a safe place for your child to wait until school starts and many can provide a healthy low cost breakfast.

The opening times vary, some start at 7.30am, others at 7.45am or later and will finish when school starts. If the times don't meet your needs, it may be worth talking to the manager to see if they can offer alternative hours.

After School Club

These can provide care and play activities or additional supported study for your child after school has finished.

They usually open from the end of the school day and finish around 5.30pm to 6pm. If the times don't meet your needs it may be worth talking to the manager to see if they can offer alternative hours.

These will typically run for more than two hours and therefore will be registered with Ofsted.

Holiday Playscheme

Holiday clubs offer childcare during the school holidays. Some are open every week during the holidays and some are open part-time. They are generally open to children aged from 4 years to 12 years although some are able to cater for older children. Holiday clubs can also be referred to as out of school clubs.

Some activities can include arts and crafts, sports, music, drama and outings. They are usually run in schools or leisure centres, with half days sometimes being available. Your local leisure centre may also have information about holiday playschemes and activities on their website.

You can download our current Breakfast and after school clubs and Holiday playscheme or for further information please contact the Families Information Service.

Ofsted registration

Ofsted registration is not required if:

  • A setting provides care where a child does not stay with them for more than two hours a day, even if the childcare service is open for longer than two hours.
  • A setting provides no more than two activities from the following list:
    • school study support or homework support
    • sport
    • performing arts
    • arts and crafts
    • religious, cultural or language study.

This only applies if they care for children who are aged three and over, and do not care for children aged under five for more than four hours in any one day.

Extract taken from the Early years and childcare registration handbook, please read for further information.


Costs will depend on how long your child attends, and the activities the scheme runs. Some have reductions for siblings.

Questions to ask out of school childcare providers

  • What do the children do?
  • Are there activities such as art, sports or music?
  • How are they supervised?
  • How much individual attention do they get?
  • Do they offer homework facilities?
  • Who is the leader, and what kind of qualifications and experience do they (and other staff) have?
  • Is there a separate section for younger children?
  • Is there a quiet area where children can relax or take some time out?

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