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How accurate is the information?

We endeavor to ensure information given is accurate and up to date.  Childcare records are updated daily.  A list is compiled and shared on request with parents and carers seeking childminders in Harrow.  Weekly updates are also available on the website.

How quickly will I receive a response?

All requests will receive a response within 24 hours during a standard working week.  Where a more detailed response is required, the request will be acknowledged and you will be notified as to an estimated response time.

Is the information given impartial?

Yes.  No particular type of childcare provision or service is promoted and information provided to parents and carers is considered neutral.  Advice to service users will include relevant leaflets with suggested questions to enable them to make an informed choice.

How confidential is my information?

A policy of strict confidentiality will be guaranteed except where a child is perceived to be at risk or childcare provision fails to meet legal or quality requirements.  Your request for information will be dealt with fairly and sensitively. When collecting information from enquirers or providers it will be made clear how the information will be stored and used.  All policies on confidentiality will comply with the Data Protection Act.

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